Composteur en Bois Grande Taille - 893 Litres - par Lacewing™

Code: TE0172
Composteur en Bois Grande Taille - 893 Litres - par Lacewing™
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Composteur en Bois Grande Taille - 893 Litres - par Lacewing™
Composteur en Bois Grande Taille - 893 Litres

Matière: Bois

Spécifications du produit: Composteur livré dans un kit, facile à assembler .
Il est traité sous pression et garantie contre la pourriture pendant 15 ans.


Hauteur: 70 cm
Longueur: 113 cm
Profondeur: 113 cm

Capacité : 893 Litres

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Commentaires Client
Note: 5/5 Traduire

"This is the second one I have purchased. It goes together well and takes loads of gard3n rubbish. The quality is good and I think it will last for many years. To be on the safe side, I applied an extra coat of preservative but not sure it was really necessary."

Commenté lundi 15 avril 2019

Note: 3/5 Traduire

"Looks sturdy and easy to assemble"

Commenté lundi 25 février 2019

Note: 4/5 Traduire

"Pieces fitted together easily. Some were swollen due to being wet from the weather, but bins were still easy to construct. Not sure how thorough the preservation treatment of the wood is - preserver is visible on some pieces, but not on others. Time will tell - keeping the docket as product has a 15 year guarantee against rot."

Commenté mardi 12 février 2019

Note: 5/5 Traduire

"Very pleased with my composter - very good value"

Commenté jeudi 17 janvier 2019

Note: 1/5 Traduire

"The problem I have is with the quality of the slats themselves. The wooden slats, when they turned up, were so wet that they had swollen so much that you could not but the units together. I did try putting things together but had to stop because I would have split the slats themselves. The other problem that as become apparent is that the slots cut into the wood are not as deep as I think they should be and they do also vary in size a little. I can see it taking several more weeks for them to dry out sufficiently to allow me to do this Currently they are only good enough for fire wood, but then again they are so wet they probably would not burn. Hopefully in a couple of months they will tryout sufficiently to allow me to erect the bins."

Commenté vendredi 11 janvier 2019

Note: 5/5 Traduire

"fast and efficient service and easy ordering"

Commenté jeudi 3 janvier 2019

Note: 4/5 Traduire

"I bought this for my husband. He knew it was flat pack and had fun constructing it, (with a little help). It is just what he wanted so he is very pleased."

Commenté samedi 29 décembre 2018

Note: 4/5 Traduire

"Decent quality - for the price. Some bits broke off some of the sections (where the notches were) when putting it together. But still works fine."

Commenté jeudi 27 décembre 2018

Note: 3/5 Traduire

"The quality of the wood was quite poor, the quality control was not good. The piece in the photos shows why,also it does not fit well. The photo on your website shows wood that is nothing like I have received. I want to make it higher but I will not buy another one from you. I will buy the wood and make the pieces myself."

Commenté jeudi 27 décembre 2018

Note: 5/5 Traduire

"Just what I expected from a compost bin."

Commenté mardi 11 décembre 2018

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