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Note: 3/5 Traduire

"After finally getting the correct product delivered (I was sent some Bamboo screening by mistake, somewhat puzzling given the difference in weight, the look of the material and the big words spelling 'Bamboo' on the wrapper), I believe there is actually less willow in this roll than one I ordered a year or so previously. The roll is lighter, greater gaps between the willow stems, and the wires holding the stems together not as tight as before. Good delivery (and collection), but I think the product quality has suffered, costing the same but less willow used in manufacture to improve the margin."

Commenté vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Note: 3/5 Traduire

"As the willow has not arrived yet I am unable to let you know what I think about it but when it does arrive I am only too happy to give a review"

Commenté mardi 27 juillet 2010