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Note: 2/5 Traduire

"Not the quality I expected."

Commenté lundi 3 octobre 2016

Note: 2/5 Traduire

"I ordered the extra thick brushwood as I'd seen the reviews for the standard which said it was flimsy with big gaps. Primrose even responded to one of the reviews by saying 'we do sell extra thick brushwood' so I thought that would be the one to go for. When it arrived and I unrolled it, it was sparse and there were large gaps between the pieces. It's a far far cry from the photograph on the website which show a thick solid wall of brushwood with no gaps. Now that it's up and in situ I'll be posting a review and photo on their Facebook page and website. Bit of a con I think."

Commenté samedi 18 juin 2016

Note: 2/5 Traduire

"I ordered the thick brushwood screening, but was very disappointed as it didn't seem thick at all, with bare patches in places. It is certainly no thicker than the "normal" screening I used a couple of years ago. Would not recommend for the price."

Commenté mercredi 8 juin 2016

Note: 2/5 Traduire

"This was much thinner than expected, even doubled up it was easy to see through and was nowhere near the claimed thickness of 2cms. Certainly wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Lots of other reviews have said the same - it might be worth pointing out to customers on your website that the screening is see-through and not a substitute for a solid fence."

Commenté lundi 22 février 2016

Note: 2/5

"Autant j'avais été satisfait des canisses en osier commandés pour ma première commande, autant la qualité de cette seconde commande pour une brande de bruyère épaisse est moindre: l'épaisseur est très moyenne pour un modèle dit "épais" et l'homogénéité également très très moyenne."

Commenté samedi 13 juin 2015

Note: 2/5 Traduire

"To dear wired poorley"

Commenté dimanche 21 juillet 2013